Virtual Lansing 5:01 benefit concert deemed a success

A local group called Lansing 5:01 decided to throw a virtual concert to support local businesses.

Sell: Lansing is welcoming back millennials at event for 'boomerangs'

On Wednesday, Nov. 27 from 5:01 p.m. to 8 p.m, Lansing 5:01 will welcome back professionals who are home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nguyen: Discovering new people and places in Lansing

One thing that I suggest all of my friends do, especially if they are coming back to visit their families, is to get familiar with Lansing 5:01.

‘Capital Comeback’ event aims to keep people in Lansing

From jobs to places to live, organizers of the “Capital Comeback” event spent their Thanksgiving Eve trying to lure people back to the Lansing area and keep them here.

Holliday: Believe in Lansing, shout it from rooftops

From skylines to parks and arts and culture to athletics, these assets and amenities showcase Lansing as a great place to plant roots and build a life.

Editorial: There's still plenty to do and celebrate in Greater Lansing this summer

To anyone who says there’s nothing to do in Lansing: You’re wrong. Get out there and see for yourself.

Lansing group to offer zipline rides through downtown

Riders will soar over Washington Square

Check out the view from three downtown Lansing rooftops

The view from these Lansing rooftops: The Knapp's Centre, The Christman Building and the Marketplace Apartments, as seen during the Rooftop Hop.

Lansing 5:01's Rooftop Hop

Lansing 5:01's Rooftop Hop

Lansing 5:01’s Rooftop Hop invigorates downtown

There aren’t many events that can coincide doughnuts, jazz, zip lining and rooftops with grace. Rooftop Hop is a standalone. Bringing arts, heights, food and people together in downtown, Rooftop Hop saw a vibrant spectrum of Lansing’s culture with a little superhero flavor.

Zip lining from dizzying heights and Lansing culture mix for Rooftop Hop

Do you love Lansing and have a penchant for traversing dare-devilish heights? Lansing 5:01’s Rooftop Hop will host zip lining from four different locations starting today at precisely 5:01 p.m., with free attendance and a $10 charge per zip line ride.

Sell: Lansing is looking more attractive to young professionals, but still needs your help

Lansing’s urban core is also evolving into a lively network of amenities and businesses that are very appealing to young professionals.

Lansing 5:01 Bridge Fest

For this year’s riverside festival, people of all ages are welcome to explore the arts and culture scene featuring a robust artisan village on the city market plaza, live art installations with chalk artists and muralists, recreational games, hula hooping and more.

CAMW! Supporting Lansing 5:01 Field Night Thursday June 7th

Lansing 5:01 has several events throughout the year that serve as fun networking opportunities for the region’s interns and young professionals. This season’s kick-off event, Field Night, is in two days, on Thursday, June 7 at the Cooley Law School Stadium.

Capital Comeback Strives To Attract Talent To Lansing

A Lansing area organization is holding an event this week to attract more workers to Michigan’s capital city. On Wednesday evening, Capital Comeback will

Capital Comeback aims to draw young professionals to Lansing

The group wants to not only draw new talent to the area, but also inspire Michiganders that might have left for one reason or another to come back.

Event pitches Lansing to people who have left

Capitol Comeback, an event held the night before Thanksgiving, aims to get young professionals to return to the Lansing area for good.

Lansing 5:01's Capital Comeback event

Lansing 5:01's Capital Comeback event

Come Back to Lansing! - Spartans Helping Spartans

An invitation to check out what the Lansing area has to offer, see who’s hiring, and find your voice in a city that will welcome you back with open arms. I grew up in Williamston, Michigan, just 20 miles east of the capital city. My parents still live t…

Around Town 11/21/17: Capital Comeback

On Wednesday, November 21st Cooley Law School Stadium is hosting Capital Comeback. Capital Comeback aims to connect former residents of greater Lansing with emerging live, work, and play opportunities at this networking event. The event will run from 6 to 8 and admission is free.

Capital Comeback plans event to attract workers

Lansing 5:01 is spearheading the event to showcase diverse employers beyond the IT industry

Lansing 5:01 aims to bring young professionals together in Mid-Michigan

For more information on Lansing 5:01 visit

List: Lansing bests Chicago as a top city for college grads

Lansing ranked higher than Chicago on the list

Most MSU grads stay in state, head to bigger cities

After alumna Kelsey Parkinson graduated MSU last summer, she wanted to move to New York. However, her goal of working in the fashion industry made it difficult to find a job

Greater Lansing is going global

I can report to you that I’ve never seen our region more focused, more creative and more united.

Lansing 5:01 Kickoff Party and Concert Package

The Lansing 5:01 initiative kicked off their summer series for interns with a concert and party at the Lansing City Market.

Lansing 5:01 - 6/14/16

Founder Chris Sell and Sara Parkinson, Director of Communications & Talent at LEAP talk about Lansing 5:01, a volunteer driven initiative to get young people...

Making connections

TUESDAY, June 14 — Lansing 5:01 is out to prove that Greater Lansing is vibrant after 5 p.m. It’s kicking off it’s efforts with a concert tonight that starts at — you guessed it — 5:01 p.m.

Making connections

TUESDAY, June 14 — Lansing 5:01 is out to prove that Greater Lansing is vibrant after 5 p.m. It’s kicking off it’s efforts with a concert tonight that starts at — you guessed it — 5:01 p.m.

#LoveLansing efforts aim at retaining young talent

Lansing has been experiencing population growth in recent years, but what are the reasons, and how can we do better and attract more talent? We explore

Lansing 5:01 strives to show grads it’s cool to live here

Lansing 5:01 strives to show grads it’s cool to live here

Support efforts, retain talent

To graduates preparing to embark on the next chapter, know Greater Lansing wants you.

2016 Hype Video | Lansing 5:01

Lansing 5:01 strives to highlight greater Lansing’s dynamic living, working and playing opportunities. Through programming and networking we look to retain a...