Welcome to Lansing

Situated in mid-Michigan, the capital city is a burgeoning hub of art, culture, and urban happenings, with an air of inclusivity. In Lansing, everyone is welcomed with open arms. 

A strong artistic presence emanates from each corner of Lansing: a hustle and bustle Downtown, galleries in Old Town, live music on the Eastside, authentic food options on the South Side, thrifting in REO Town, and historic homes on the Westside. Craving street tacos, ramen, or cajun? You name it and Lansing's got it, with plenty of food joints. The city has something for everyone beyond lunch hour too, from breweries to upscale cocktails and clubs. Affordable housing options, excellent public transit, and career options across a number of industries make for a unique, most-bang-for-your-buck city. 

Walk to the neighborhood coffee shop, drive to that brand new restaurant, or easily take the bus to a baseball game Downtown — getting to the good stuff is never a chore in Lansing. Twenty miles of river trail provide a scenic retreat, an abundance of parks offer natural recreation, and continual local events give residents the opportunity to get involved and make an impact in the city. Whether you're looking to grow personally or professionally, plant your roots and take advantage of the opportunities here in Lansing.

A city for the bold.

Lansing is about diversity, community, and progress. You could be a college student seeking education, or a family looking to settle down — regardless, the Capital City welcomes all walks of life to contribute to something bigger than themselves. Come make your mark, whatever it may be.

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Tons to do, just a few minutes away

Make "I'm bored" a phrase of the past. Out areas has something to offer for all ages, moods and days of the week


Stadiums and farms and parks—oh my. Whether you’re a die-hard baseball fan or want to spend the afternoon at a cider mill, our cities have sights worth traveling for. Explore more

Eat & Drink

We love food more than the average city. Whether you’re looking for Sunday brunch, authentic international food trucks, or an olive burger (a local favorite), we’re dishing it up. Explore more


Strong public school systems set the foundation for our cities to thrive. And, with a number of colleges and universities nearby, there are opportunities for people of all ages to learn a thing or two. Explore more


Snag tickets to see an up-and-coming comedian, connect with kindred spirits at a music festival or belt out some slam poetry at an open mic. In Lansing, we know that everything is better live. Explore more

Festivals & Events

In Lansing, there's always a reason to celebrate. From annual street festivals in summer to live music in winter, coming together is a community-wide event. Explore more


Working on your fitness? Great, so are we. Bike a scenic trail, catch a kickboxing class and visit a local wellness center all within a few miles’ radius. Explore more


In Lansing, affordable housing options allow you to live where you work. Modern loft-style apartments and reliable bus routes spark city vibes, while historic family homes and new builds with acreage are only a short commute away. Explore more


Come as you are. Explore community centers and resources, give back, and make some lifelong friends in the process. Explore more


We all need a chance to unwind after 5. With everything from relaxed breweries to lively college clubs, our cities are home to your weekend plans—whatever mood you’re in. Explore more


We’ve got hundreds of parks to choose from. (Seriously. There are more than 300 parks in Lansing.) Lakes, rivers and green space offer fresh air year-round. Explore more

Restaurant Week

Lansing Foodies unite for the ultimate self-guided tour of the region’s dining scene, MAY 10-17, as participating restaurants offer a mouthwatering creation, all for an unbeatable price of just $7! Explore more


Sure, you can’t buy happiness—but you can spend the afternoon perusing local boutiques, bookstores and artisan shops in Lansing, and that’s pretty much the same thing. Explore more

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