Lansing 5:01 Events

Mark your calendar for 5:01 p.m. Whether you’re coming back to your hometown or saying hello for the first time, we’ll show you what Lansing’s been up to after work hours.

Event Series

Our city isn’t boring, and its networking events should be either. Each experience in the Lansing 5:01 event series gives those in, around and visiting Lansing an opportunity to connect outside the cubicle and experience what our area has to offer.

Our signature event series includes some of our favorite experiences that we throw every year. And for additional events, we think beyond the traditional throw every year. And for additional events, we think beyond the traditional cocktail mixer. Zip-lining across historic buildings downtown? We did that. Networking on the floor of an empty pool? Yep, it happened. A fashion show on a literal airplane runway? Been there, done that.

There is so much to do here. And there is so much more on the horizon. Come join us.

Grand River Connection

Grand River Connection (GRC) is a series of professional networking events for young professionals seeking to develop a stronger connection with others in the community to support Lansing's young and vital workforce.
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Rosé All Day

Pop the cork and grab your pals for the 2nd annual Rosé All Day festival in Lansing’s beautiful Cooley Gardens.
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STOP! and detour your way through Downtown Lansing for the ultimate street festival to provide support for Lansing’s downtown businesses!
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The Dam Jam Music Festival

Lansing 5:01 presents the annual DAM JAM MUSIC FESTIVAL for the biggest version of this 3-day music festival yet, JULY 14 - 16!
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