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Welcome to Lansing

Why Lansing? Something Special is Brewing Here!

Your community should be an extension of your identity—a place that works hard and dreams big. In Lansing, Michigan, you’ll find the perfect fit. Whether it’s a rewarding career, a rich arts scene, or a cozy home that fits your personality (maybe all three?) there’s a place here for you to be you.

Make the move

Lansing 5:01 partners with over 35 companies and organizations across the Lansing region, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit agencies, and creative small businesses.  Send us your resume as a .pdf and we’ll share it monthly with our network of hiring employers in industries such as healthcare, IT, financial services, insurance, advanced manufacturing, and more.

There’s a place for you in Lansing

You’re not just one thing. And neither are we. A network of communities, Lansing has something to offer for everyone. From rock climbing in the country at dawn to cocktails on a rooftop bar at dusk, there are places and spaces to explore your true self.

Affordability opens the door to real possibilities. Turns out, when three-fourths of your paycheck isn’t going to rent, you can focus on the things that really matter. Modern apartments with all of the amenities, historic homes in inclusive neighborhoods, or recent builds on several acres of land–Lansing offers housing options for all personalities and stages of life. (That’s right, you can finally browse home listings guilt-free.)

Rewarding job opportunities across countless industries make Lansing the launchpad for your next career move. With a number of positions in up-and-coming industries like technology, healthcare and state government, you can explore your professional passions without dreading Monday.

In Lansing, you don’t have to watch from the sidelines; you can be a part of it. Whether it’s taking a stab at an open mic night, trying a new sport on a rec team, or even launching your own startup, we keep our barriers to entry low so you can aim high.

Try something new. Put down roots. There’s a place for you in Lansing.

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