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Lansing 5:01 strives to retain and attract young professionals in the Lansing region by connecting both college talent and young professionals to the community's emerging quality of life opportunities.

After 5pm

Lansing 5:01 is an initiative designed to showcase the best of Lansing to Lansing’s future. By bringing together college talent, young professionals, leaders in the community, and highlighting important amenities like opportunities for the arts, recreation, nightlife, and urban residential living, we aim to retain top talent in the region.

Lansing 5:01 was created by a group of young professionals from various industries that share a common ethos: we love Lansing. We understand that our city has undergone major changes over the years. Nightlife is bustling, urban lofts and apartments are rising in the air, and the scene for artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives is getting better and better. Lansing is alive after 5 – which is why our organization is named Lansing 5:01. We’re committed to rolling out the red carpet for talented people and illustrating why Lansing is a dynamic post-graduation destination city, not only during the day, but starting at 5:01pm, too. 

Lansing: Be our neighbor.

Lansing is known for its welcoming spirit – embracing all people and all backgrounds, no exceptions. That’s why we’re excited to share what our region has to offer on a national scale with a new talent attraction campaign, “Lansing: Be our neighbor.”

Through this campaign, we aim to inspire people to consider Lansing as a potential place to live, work, or open a business. In the long-run, this will help boost our local economies and bring new perspectives to the region. And we’re spreading the word at home, too – local outreach will stir up community pride for those already living in the region, shifting the way we think about all of the opportunities and amenities our home has to offer.

We know Lansing is the place to be. Let’s spread the word, and welcome everyone with open arms.

Our Team

The Lansing 5:01 staff is comprised of local young professionals (natives and Lansing transplants!) that share an excitement and passion for the opportunities in Lansing. We come from a variety of backgrounds and industries,  wear many professional hats, and volunteer our time to collaborate and build this exciting program that helps share the love for #LoveLansing.

Photo of Chris Sell

Chris Sell

Founder and Executive Director
Photo of Josh Holliday

Josh Holliday

Communication & Events Director

Creative Strategists

Photo of Whitney Leigh Jessup

Whitney Leigh Jessup

Social Media Coordinator
Photo of Joe Courtade Moon

Joe Courtade Moon

Grand River Connection Coordinator
Photo of Natalie Puckett

Natalie Puckett

Graphic Designer
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